Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees

Our team of accounting professionals would work closely with you to support your accounting, tax and statutory compliance needs. Our pricing is transparent, making it easy to outsource these supporting services to us while you focus on your business.

Accounting Price Plans

We work with businesses at any stage in their lifecycle.

Choose a package that suits your needs


S$1,380 per year to take care of your yearly accounting and tax obligations.


S$150/mth, paid annually Or $200/mth, paid monthly


S$250/mth, paid annually Or $330/mth, paid monthly


S$350/mth, paid annually Or $460/mth, paid monthly

Custom Plan

Can’t find a plan that fits you? No worries, contact us directly or request a callback from us and we can customize a plan that fits your requirements.

Additional services you may need

We offer the following service to meet your specific business needs. 

Get in touch with us if you need a customised solution

Preparation of annual financial statements
from S$500

Tap on our services to compile the annual financial statements based on your management accounts

Preparation of consolidated financial statements
from S$1000

When your company needs to present financial statement of the parent and subsidiary as a single entity

Account consolidation service (parent company with 1 subsidiary)
from S$1000
  • Combine income, expenses, assets, liabilities, equity and cash flows of parent and subsidiary, incorporate consolidation adjustment and present the numbers as a single economic entity.
  • Additional $300 for each subsequent subsidiary.
Preparation of XBRL
from S$500
Required to be filed together with Annual Return to ACRA
Multi-currency accounting
S$200 per year
When your company transacts in more than one currency
GST registration
We register your company for GST.
Submission of GST return
S$300 per quarter
Preparation and filing of Form 5
Reconstruction of accounts
from S$1000

When your company needs to reconstruct financial records for audit or tax purposes.

Liaison with Auditor
from S$1000

Liaise with external auditor and handle auditors’ queries on your behalf

Annual Tax Package

Standard Tax

from S$500 per year

Our tax package is perfect for business owners who have done their accounting for the year, and require support on tax filing. The standard plan covers the mandatory tax filing to IRAS:

Additional Services

GST registration
We register your company for GST.
Submission of GST return
S$300 per quarter
Preparation and filing of Form 5
Tax on Singapore Property

Corporate Secretary Price Plan

Corporate Secretary

from S$360

As an add-on to our accounting and tax services, our standard corporate secretary plan covers all your mandatory annual filing to ACRA.


Secretary Services Add-ons

Non-share related changes
S$80 per change

Preparation of resolution and lodgement with ACRA for change of director / registered office address / principal activity / Financial Year End.

Individual director/shareholder exceeding one
S$60 per individual

Applicable to company with more than one individual director or shareholder.

Update of Register of Registrable Controller (RORC)
S$80 per individual

Preparation of relevant documents for submission to ACRA. A Controller is defined as an individual or a company that has a “significant interest” in or has “significant control” over the company. This must be submitted within 30 days from the date incorporation.

Share related changes
S$160 per change

Preparation of resolution and lodgment with ACRA for change in shareholder or share capital.

Corporate Shareholder
S$100 per shareholder

Includes shareholders that are company, partnership and any body corporate.

Company Strike-off
S$400 per company

Preparation of relevant documents for submission to ACRA to striking off a company.

Incorporation Packages

Incorporation with Secretary


Incorporation for Non Local Resident


Everything in Incorporation with Secretary plus a nominee director.

We can act as your nominee director to fulfill your company’s requirement of having at least one director who is ordinarily a resident in Singapore. A nominee director is a nominee of the shareholder of the company and he acts in accordance with the directions, instructions or wishes of the shareholder.