How Singapore's Budget 2024 Will Impact Businesses

Navigating Towards a Resilient Future

As businesses in Singapore adapt to the post-pandemic world, the Singapore Government’s Budget 2024 brings a suite of measures aimed at supporting enterprises to navigate through the complexities of the current economic landscape and lay the groundwork for sustainable growth. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Mr. Lawrence Wong, in his Budget announcement, underscored the commitment towards bolstering the economy, enhancing competitiveness, and securing a resilient future for Singapore.

Empowering Businesses Against Rising Costs

Recognizing the challenges businesses face with escalating costs, the Budget introduces the $1.3 billion Enterprise Support Package to alleviate the burden. Noteworthy is the 50% Corporate Income Tax Rebate, capped at $40,000 for the Year of Assessment 2024, offering immediate relief. Additionally, companies employing at least one local employee in 2023 are guaranteed a minimum benefit of $2,000 in cash, providing a cushion against the impact of rising operational costs.

Fostering Innovation and Growth

In a move to maintain Singapore’s edge as a hub of innovation and enterprise, the government is investing $3 billion in Research Innovation and Enterprise 2025. This investment aims to stimulate the development of new technologies and solutions, ensuring businesses remain at the forefront of innovation. Moreover, the introduction of the Refundable Investment Credit scheme and enhancements to the Enterprise Financing Scheme illustrate a clear focus on supporting businesses through investment in growth and scalability.

Enhancing Skills and Productivity

The extension of the SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit until June 2025 is a testament to the government’s ongoing commitment to workforce development. This initiative is designed to support businesses in upskilling their employees, enhancing productivity, and staying competitive in a rapidly evolving economic landscape.

Supporting Green Initiatives and Digital Transformation

The Budget also emphasizes the importance of sustainability and digital innovation. The expansion of the Enterprise Financing Scheme – Green and the Energy Efficiency Grant to more sectors highlight the push towards environmentally sustainable business practices. In parallel, the investment of more than $1 billion over five years for the National AI Strategy 2.0 and the upgrade of the Nationwide Broadband Network to 10 Gbps are clear indicators of the government’s vision for a digitally empowered economy.


Singapore’s Budget 2024 is a strategic blueprint designed to support businesses through these uncertain times. By managing rising costs, investing in innovation, and focusing on skills and productivity, the government is laying the foundation for a resilient, sustainable, and competitive business environment. As we move forward, it’s crucial for businesses to leverage these initiatives, adapt to the changing economic landscape, and position themselves for future growth.

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